Sunday, September 22, 2013

Loving your neighbor

We have two cooks for the feeding program. One cooks for a week the other cooks the next week.

One is a woman in her 40’s with 9 kids. The most humble woman I have yet to meet. She is one of those people you just enjoy spending time around. During rainy season her yard is mud. Not just a little mud, you sink ankle deep in black mud. Around her property is a trench. She always puts a stick across for me to walk. I always laugh that I am a gringa and one day I am going to end up falling face first in that trench.  This woman always stands IN THE TRENCH to hold my hands as I walk across the stick so I don’t have to walk through the trench. Last week she was inside her house and did not see me coming. I just decided to go across like the kids and walk through it. I could wash my shoes when I got home. As soon as I walked up to her house she began to say “OHH MORGAN” she ran and got a bucket of water got on her knees took my shoes off. Then she started washing my feet. She sent my shoes off with her daughter to be washed before I even knew what hit me I was being shown all the love this woman could offer.  I kept thinking this is what it looks like to love your neighbor.


The other woman is a young teenage mom who lives with her aunt. She is a pretty shy girl who tends to stay behind the scenes.  She is a hard worker and will do whatever needs to be done to provide for her son. She is always willing to serve with me. When we finished serving food this week and both of our hands were disgusting.  There is no running water in their home. She runs to the well gets a bucket of water from the well. She goes to hand me a cup, I went to grab it and she shakes her head no. I was confused for a minute then I realize she wants to wash my hands for me.  Again, I was being shown all the love this woman could offer.


It’s a weird place to be the one serving and be served by the people you are serving.  All I have to say is I have a lot to learn from these two women!  I want to offer all the love I can give to everyone I come in contact with here.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Grace, DP and I traveled to the city to meet my brother and sister in law for a mini vacation and truck shopping!
We stayed at a hotel where the kids could swim in a real pool

Thanks to the generosity of many of you we were able to purchase this truck! It will be shipped on a boat and arrive around the end of the month.

We flew back to PL and were happy for Caleb to finally meet his aunt and uncle.


A family dear to my heart ask Kevin and Amanda to be the Godparents of their 5 kids.

Kevin and Amanda visited the feeding program.