Thursday, April 26, 2012

200 for 10


How can you save 10 dollars a month in order to commit to give 10 dollars a month to give a hope and a future the people of La Moskitia Honduras?

We need 200 people to COMMIT to donate 10 dollar a month to run Root Ministries for this next year.

We need 10 dollar a month sponsorships for 40 children to attend the Kasaubila Feeding Program TWO days a week with vitamins and worm medicines

Last year I lived month to month by faith and I was in awe as I watched the Lord provide exactly what we need when we needed it. This year as we grow and move forward we plan to build a house.These commitments are VERY important because we will not begin construction on the house until 80% of these commitments are met.

I am ready to have my home and open our arms to new kids who need a family. I am ready to build a kitchen for the feeding program so the kids have a table to eat lunch at. I am ready to build a fence and plant a huge garden that will provide fruit, vegetables, and eggs to the families of the kids in the feeding program.


To COMMIT you can set up your recurring monthly donation of 10 dollars at  (make sure to note it is for Root Ministries)
 or you can make a one time donation of 120 dollars and mail to 7612 Forrest Edge Lane Montgomery, AL. 36117.

If you have questions email me at

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I have been without Internet for over 2 weeks now.
I am still here.
To bring everyone up to date quickly.
I got custody of Daniel Paul.

I am now on my way to the States. I will be in Alabama on Wednesday morning. I am traveling without the babies so my time there will be very short. In order to be able to see and visit with everyone we have planned a day APRIL 28th at Saint James UMC in Montgomery where all my friends,family, and our supports can come visit from 1-4.

So you are prepared there will be:
 sponsorship cards for the children in the feeding program 10 dollars a month for 120 a year.
this provides them TWO meals a week (yes we are moving up) vitamins and deworm meds

Items for sale for under 25 dollars that include jewelry and paintings from artist in La Moskitia.

I hope to see you all there!