Friday, January 18, 2013

I have gotten way too far behind on blogging so I will just try and catch up on the past few weeks.

Princess Grace turned 3. Crazy how fast time is flying. It seems like just yesterday I was handed a dying infant and now she is a sassy, brave, confident, independent, beautiful, and smart little lady. The girl does not meet a stranger, people come up to her all the time and call her by name and I seriously have no clue who these people are. Last week I was in the super market in the city (a plane ride away from where we live) and a lady asked me where Grace was. We may have been to that store 4 times over the past 3 years.   I can already see the Lord is up to something BIG with this girl.

I took little man to the city to get a passport. It still is not here yet but I am just believing any day now it is going to happen! Turns out my typically calm baby well... he does not like planes or buses. He did love it when we were on land. He is standing but still not walking(and I am kind of okay with the not walking yet.)

Then I traveled to Alabama for the Amazing gRace run! Thanks to Dawn Barkalow,Renew women's ministries and all others who helped to put this event on. It was HUGELY successful with 395 registered runners! If you did not get to attend this year we already have a date for next January 11th 2014.  You have plenty of time to get ready! 
If you want to read more on this race Kim Klass did an amazing article

It was record high  60's and 70's everyone was enjoying the "warm" weather and I was about to FREEZE!! Enjoy a good laugh I am the one in a turtle neck, vest, jeans, and boots while my family is in shorts.
It snowed a few days after I was back in Honduras. The Lord knew I couldn't handle it.