Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not "forgotten"

Here are some pictures of the reality of life of many children in La Moskitia.

Malnourished, Orphaned, Abused, Abandoned, and Needing Surgery
Forgotten by the rest of the country
Baby Y a malnourished 6 month old

Baby Y's  mother 5 months pregnant holding her malnourished son

Baby Y HEALTHY fat and happy with her dad and brothers

17 year old mother with a 2 month old preemie baby

malnourished 2 year old

Malnourished 4 month old with 14 year old mother

malnourished one year old on her way home!

K. abused by her nanny

club feet
after surgery

craniofacial  and hand and feet abnormalities

hydrocephalus baby
This is fluid on his brain

Grace at 6 months
Grace on her 1st birthday

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My sweet friend sent me these picture of Grace today!!

and this update

"Grace is just as beautiful as ever. She isn't talking as much as she did when you were here. That doesn't surprise me, though. ;) She loves YOU! Missy is wonderful with her. Yes, she is fat and happy."

Monday, February 21, 2011

 Last night we had a speaker come talk to the college girl's bible study I go to. The Lord really used her to speak to me and I thought it might speak to some of you as well so I'll share what she said:

She read John 11 to us about Lazarus, Mary and Martha. If you don't know Lazarus was a good friend of Jesus' he got really sick and Mary and Martha also good friends of Jesus' call for him to come and heal him. Well Jesus waits until 2 days after Lazarus has died to go to his friends' house. When He gets there as you can imagine Mary and Martha are not very happy with Him? They want answers as to why He did not come when they called? Why did He not come and do what they all knew that He was capable of? Why did He not go with the plans that they had?

Our speaker has been reading a book by John  Piper in which he imagines a picture of Jesus in this situation. He imagines Him saying "woah wait a minute I am going to do something greater than you imagined I could do. See you know me and you are good friends with me but I want to show you more of myself so I needed you to WAIT. Since you waited I can reveal more than myself to you in new ways that I never have revealed myself before."
The story ends with Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

This was a huge revelation to me! I know I am here in The States waiting for a reason. I can name the countless blessing that have occurred because I am in The States that would not have happened if I had not come home this summer. STILL I found myself wondering really Lord why am I here in a classroom all day learning about things I could care less about when there are children thousands of miles away who don't know you and who are hungry and need a mommy.

FINALLY I GET IT!!  I am here in a period of waiting. Jesus says "look you are here so that I can reveal more of myself to you things that I can only reveal to you if you wait on my timing." He says "I have things to show you that you could never imagine if you just wait."

Who wouldn't want to the Lord to reveal more of Himself to them?

It's still not easy to wait but I now see waiting in a new light.

Now I wait and pray Lord teach me new things about You!!

No matter what you are waiting on... I pray that you can now see your time of waiting in a new way and be thankful for it!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Less than 3 months until I move.
I am now beginning the count down and getting really excited... its close!!! 

I will get off this plane!
I will get to hold my baby girl!

I will walk down this road!
and I will get to see all these kids!

 Yesterday I went and got my letter of clearance from the police station.

All I have left is a physical... then I will be set to get a special extension VISA for 5 years. If I did not have this I would have to leave every 90 days. After those 5 years I can apply for residence in Honduras!

Latest news on Grace, the holes in her eardrums have healed by themselves!!!! Thank you all for all of your prayers!! She is still on some medicines for the next few months to try and control her ear infections. Praying for no more ear infections and no need for surgery!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Experience of a Volunteer at House of Hope

A Love Letter from an Individual Volunteer

This is a article written by one of my friends who volunteered at House of Hope this past fall.
If you would like to have an experience like this let me know. There is still time to plan your trip for 2011.