Saturday, February 18, 2012

This week we have been spending some time with a very special Miskito family.

A family that I have longed to meet and dreaded to meet at the same time.

Any guesses...

Grace's birth mom, Miskito grandmother (who I have known briefly), Miskito Grandpa, and cousin

I'm exhausted but it has been GOOD.

I now have a little book of things I can tell Grace when she gets older. Little by little I learned about their family. I learned things about those first months before I knew Grace, I learned things from before she was born, I learned a few things about her birth mom, and most of all I just enjoyed spending time with them.

In other news I am supposed to be on my last leg of my residency process
 and now on to the beginning of Grace's VISA process!!

Love my two little lovies!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day! ( a day late)

From Grace's fingers to Daniel's toes...


and this much more...


Here are some pictures of my little loves:

Grace's card. (three languages of course for my trilingual girl)

Grace loves her baby.

for breakfast Grace and I made pink heart pancakes.

For dinner we had a special dinner that only princess and princes could attend.
So we had to get dressed up.

The prince.

Grace getting dressed up.

but then I told her she was A REAL PRINCESS.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Grace's baby

Daniel is a precious 2 month old little boy that we have been blessed to be able to love on for a little while. 

Daniel's mom is having surgery and does not have family here to help take care of the baby so we have taken in baby Daniel for the next month.

 Grace has taken on the mama role calling him her baby. She loves to give him bottles,
 burp him, give him tons and tons of kisses, read to him, give him toys to play with,
and even share her food (that he can't eat yet).  

I am so thankful it has gone this route and not the jealous route.

We have both fallen in love with this teensy tiny chubby cheeked little boy.