Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer 2014 update

Things have been busy the past few months with lots of change for our family.

Hey Everyone,


I apologize for the lack of updates since returning in April.


A quick update of the past few months:

I returned from my short trip to then states only to turn around a few days later and head back to the city to renew my residency.
I have been waiting on one last document for the adoptions. That came last week and the adoptions have resumed! 

The fence project at the property in in full swing! It is a 10 foot security fence surrounding both the feeding program and where our future house will be. The construction should be complete sometime around the end of September.
The feeding program is growing. There are around 80 children coming. They are practicing their soccer and ready to start playing some other teams!

We had some special treats at the feeding program, A team from Alabama  did VBS on how God is with us. They also got a height and weight on all the kids. This week we enjoyed a princess (who talked on how we are all princesses and princes because our Heavenly Father is a King) and face painting! 


Be Blessed,

Morgan Hayden

Our family a new malnourished 9 month old foster baby, Cris. He was in the hospital here for 3 weeks. When baby Cris came to live with us he weighed 9 pounds, had blonde hair (a protein deficiency), he could not drink a bottle, and had no control of his head. After 2 weeks he now weighs a little over 12 pounds, he is drinking a bottle (and holding it on his own) and can now hold his head up! His grandmother returned to their village 8 hours away to get his malnourished twin and bring him back. We are caring for Cris until the grandmother can return with the twin. We paid her way back to her village and sent milk and fortified rice for the twin, but the grandmother has to work to earn enough for her return trip. This could take a while. We are thinking baby Cris will probably be with us for about a month.

Foto: Meet Cris, a 9 pound 9 month old we get to love on for a little while.

In June we started construction on the fence project. This is a security fence with concrete blocks, chain link fencing, and Constantine wire. The fence will be over 10 feet tall  and enclose 500 meters of property when completed. This fence will separate the area where our future home will be from the feeding program area, it will protect the feeding program garden, and actually allow the feeding program kids to actually eat at the property! 

Concrete posts are being poured!!! It's exciting to see this project really starting to look like a fence! We are almost done! A team will come in September to put up the chain link fencing and  razor wire! We only need 917.50 more to finish with the installation of the gates and an inch of concrete that will connect the chain link fencing to the wall! A big thanks to all of you who have helped us reach this point!

The feeding program kids have started working to make their soccer field at the property. The construction workers have taken on working with the boys and are also going to have their own team. There will be 3 teams: little boys up to 12, big boys 12-18 , and men.



Thank you for all of your prayers, encouragement, and support! We are blessed to have each of you as part of this ministry.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fence Project

In June we started construction on the security fence project. This fence when complete will be 4 cinder blocks, 6 feet of chain link fencing,topped with two feet of constantina wire, two metal 18 foot gates for car access, and one metal 5 foot gate for people access. The fence will enclose 500 meters of property and seperate the feeding program side from the area where our future home will be. The fence will protect the feeding program garden as well as actually allow us to cook meals for the feeding program in our kitchen!

With the rise in cost of materials and shipping, we are in need of a little financial help to finish this project.

We have divided the remainder of the project into two parts.

chain link fencing
30 bags of cement
20 days of labor

20 bags of cement
5 days of labor

WE ONLY NEED $917.50

Please pray with us for this need, share with your friends, and think about giving!

If you would like to make a donation you can do so online using the paypal link  or mail checks to Root Ministries (fence project) P.O. Box 6200 Montgomery, AL. 36106