Sunday, April 10, 2011

Root Ministries 2011

Just to update everyone on where Root Ministries is today and what we (I, volunteers, teams, and local people) will be doing  starting NEXT MONTH! There are currently three main aspects of Root Ministries: Forgotten Children, Community Outreach, and Prison Ministry.

Root Ministries Forgotten Children -You all know about my first daughter Grace.   In May I will be opening up my home to other orphans, abandoned and street children that will be raised as my family.

 Root Ministries Community Outreach works in the slums of Puerto Lempira five days a week and focuses on:
-Spiritual Development
-Mentoring Young Mothers through one on one discipleship with older Honduran women
-Malnourishment prevention- through feeding programs and young mother education
-Education- tutoring to get every child in school
-Basic Health and Hygiene classes
-Community involvement and self sufficiency through gardens

Root Ministries Prison Ministry works one day a week in the local prison forming relationships with the people there and setting up accountability groups within the prison.

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