Sunday, June 30, 2013

This week has been quite a weekend.

I have a friend coming 2  half days a week to help watch the kids while I go run errands.  She has been AMAZING. I am so thankful for her. Her name is Adele. She just had her 5th baby so sometimes I get to love on her little one while she runs errands in the afternoons. Adele is a go getter she sees what needs to be done and does it. I think she is half energizer bunny. If she is in town she will just show up at my house and says “Morgan, how can I help you?”  I want to be like her. I really do. How great would it be if everyone I came into contact with I said “What can I do to help?” What would it look like to really serve the one in front of me?

 So Adele was at my house this week with DP and Caleb and a woman came up asking for the American. Adele said she didn’t know where she was. Then the lady asked for water. Adele went inside got her a glass of water and came back out and said “okay ,she lives here but she isn’t home” The lady went on to tell her she was Caleb’s mom. Adele felt her out for a little while and decided she was calm so she let her come in and see the baby. Adele spent an hour with this lady she did not know. She stopped what she was doing and sat down on the couch with her. She spoke truth in  her own language and as one of her own people. Adele was able to talk freely about me, my heart for these kids, our family, and our plans. When I first got home and she told me this lady came by I was a little nervous. Then she went on to tell me Morgan it was so good.

I am so thankful the Lord made a way for me to be out of the house and these two women to be able to talk. I am thankful for the ground work that Adele layed. I am thankful that she was able to say the same things I want to say  but in a way that would be more received by Caleb’s mom.

That was Friday.
Saturday I am walking another missionary’s daughter home and this lady runs out of the park telling me to wait a minute. She is so ready to tell me whatever she wants to tell me that it kind of throws her off when I say hello. She tells me this lady is looking for me. She says she has been looking for you for a week. She says she is from Patuca. She left her number with me and ask me to give it to you.   In my mind I am thinking Grace’s birth mom (that is the only person I know from that village) So, I call this random number not knowing who I am calling or really who I am looking for. A lady answers and since I think it might be Grace’s birth mom I say "Is Carmen there? "… she replied "Yes, hold on."
So now I am on the phone with a lady I am forever grateful to. The one who gave my daughter life.  She seems excited to finally find me. She ask about Grace I tell her all about her. Then she says “and you Morgan, how are you?”
 It’s never occurred to me that she might think of me like I think of her.
It's looking like it might be an exciting week!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


June marks 3 years since I very first held a tiny little girl in my arms and called her my daughter.

 June brings a friend from Alabama for 10 days!
June brings friends who share a love for Honduras that spans across continents.
June we thought brought one of  my best friends and family doctor leaving but now looks like she will be leaving in July. We are glad to have her for another month!
June brings a few changes in the feeding program.  So that in July we will be eating in the new kitchen!
June brings rainy season!