Friday, January 30, 2015

January Update

Here is an update on what all has been going on this January.

Grace turned 5! We has a princess ballerina party. The boys did enjoy a little princess fun just for their sister!

A women's group from Saint James UMC sent dresses for the feeding program girls

A group from Florida came and play lots of fun games with the kids and we had a fun reenactment of the Wall of Jericho story.

A medical team from North and South Dakota stopped by and gave parasite treatments to all the feeding program kids.

My brother and sister in law's sunday school class at Pratville UMC sent special gift bags for all the kids.

We finally grew yucca (like a potato) in our feeding program garden!

Grace's grandmother and cousins are in town visiting.

Baby Cris is here with his grandmother. The malnourished 9 month old we fostered a few months back. He is doing great! We have been so excited to get to see him again!

 We have had a cold front with temperatures in the upper 60's and low 70's. We are freezing over here in the jungle!

February ends our "winter" break and school and routines begin again. We have loved these few laid back months but we are excited for the new school year as well!