Wednesday, December 31, 2014


December has been a wonderful month for our family! The pace of our lives has slowed a bit for this season with "winter vacation" from school and construction on the fence complete! Daniel Paul has seen huge strides developmentally with the more relaxed pace of life! Caleb seems to have grown up over night and enjoys playing with the big kids.

We decorated the walls of our porch for Christmas!

We received a shipment from Global Impact in Pratville, Alabama. This shipment was delivered in 3 parts by helicopter to our town! It was so fun each time to get to receive the donations from the huge aircraft. The kids enjoyed getting to go for the final shipment to meet the military and see the aircraft!  The shipment included diapers, shoes, and wipes that we were able to share with other local missionaries and children's homes. There were supplies for the only hospital in our region and an ultrasound machine that the gynecologist was thrilled about. We also received some tools and a cement mixer for future construction!

I celebrated my birthday with our neighbors at the beach!

and ended my birthday with a firework show put on by the military! (for Christmas but it was on my birthday)

Christmas Eve church service.

American missionary Christmas party!

The boys moved out of their cribs into a toddler bed. which makes it all the more real that they are growing up!

The best part of December was a visit from Rob and Teri Sandlin and their girls! They spent a few days loving and encouraging our family! They brought us special gifts from home. They took time to just really understand life here and dream about the future. They loved the people we love. They brought Christmas gifts for all the feeding program kids and Mama Tara Orphanage kids.

Thanks for being a part of our lives and ministry in 2014! We look forward to another great year in 2015!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Root Minsitries video

Want to know a little about how I got to Honduras and what Root Ministries does?

A big thanks to Tommy and Centerpoint Fellowship for making this video for Root Ministries!

Fall Update

We are so thankful for each of you! Without each of you all that has happened the past few months would not be possible! We are thankful for everyone who was a part of the fence project, through prayers donations and actual physical work- THE FENCE PROJECT IS FINALLY COMPLETE!! It is a physical reminder to me of how God is faithful to provide! We are thankful for each of you who pray for, support, encourage, and send special gifts to our family! Thank you for doing for our family what you would do for your own. Thank you for loving us so well! Thank you to each of you who pray, support, and believe in a feeding program kid. They are going to be the change in their community with your encouragement and support!

In September a team from Centerpoint came and worked hard on putting up the chain link fencing at the property! The team included my brothers and sister in-law! It is always nice to have family in town.

They did a very entertaining reenactment of "David and Goliath" complete with water balloons.

They brought bags of special gift (and diapers) that many of you donated and we had Christmas in September!

In October I had the opportunity to travel back to Alabama and spend some time to relax and just visit with my family!

I returned to back to Puerto Lempira and the workers started worked hard to finish the razor wire, concrete, and install gates to complete the fence project!

In November, the six 7th grade students from the feeding program graduated! We could not be more proud of them! To have a 7th grade education in this community is a HUGE deal.

 Caleb turned two!

Grace and I traveled to Tegucigapla where Grace had her tonsils and adenoids removed.

D.P. turned 3!

We had a water party to celebrate the boys' birthdays.

Grace graduated preschool.

We had an American thanksgiving meal with all the Americans in our area.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2015 7th graders

The school year here in Honduras runs from February to November. With the end of the 2014 school year coming up we have begun to look for the next year 7th grade students for Instituto Vida Abundante.  This coming year there are 9 students that have been accepted to 7th grade from the Kasaubila Feeding Program. The cost is 50 dollars a month for January-December of 2015. If you are interest in giving the gift of a 7th grade education to one of these kids please contact me at
You set up your payments through the school's razoo page
Celina Jarison
Favorite subject:math
Favorite color: pink
Wants to be: a teacher or nurse
Wants to go to IVA: to learn more about Christ
Edguardo Flores
Favorite color: orange
Favorite subjects: math and Spanish
Wants to be a: professional soccer player
Wants to go to IVA: because it is a good school for poor children to get out of the poverty cycle.

Kelvin Castro
Favorite color: green
Favorite subject: math
Wants to be a:doctor
Wants to go to IVA: because it is the best school close to his house
Noe Lipton
favorite color: orange
Favorite subject:Math
Wants to be a :lawyer
Why he wants to go to IVA: "I like to study"

Bilix Manister
Favorite subject: Spanish
Wants to be a :teacher
Why he wants to go to IVA: "I like this school"

Miraina Paricio
Favorite color: pink
Favorite subject: Math
Wants to study more when she grows up.
Wants to go to IVA: "because my mom is poor and I can not study in another school."

Jimena Bell
Favorite color: sky blue
Favorite subject: Spanish
Wants to be a: Secretary
Wants to study at IVA "to learn English"

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer 2014 update

Things have been busy the past few months with lots of change for our family.

Hey Everyone,


I apologize for the lack of updates since returning in April.


A quick update of the past few months:

I returned from my short trip to then states only to turn around a few days later and head back to the city to renew my residency.
I have been waiting on one last document for the adoptions. That came last week and the adoptions have resumed! 

The fence project at the property in in full swing! It is a 10 foot security fence surrounding both the feeding program and where our future house will be. The construction should be complete sometime around the end of September.
The feeding program is growing. There are around 80 children coming. They are practicing their soccer and ready to start playing some other teams!

We had some special treats at the feeding program, A team from Alabama  did VBS on how God is with us. They also got a height and weight on all the kids. This week we enjoyed a princess (who talked on how we are all princesses and princes because our Heavenly Father is a King) and face painting! 


Be Blessed,

Morgan Hayden

Our family a new malnourished 9 month old foster baby, Cris. He was in the hospital here for 3 weeks. When baby Cris came to live with us he weighed 9 pounds, had blonde hair (a protein deficiency), he could not drink a bottle, and had no control of his head. After 2 weeks he now weighs a little over 12 pounds, he is drinking a bottle (and holding it on his own) and can now hold his head up! His grandmother returned to their village 8 hours away to get his malnourished twin and bring him back. We are caring for Cris until the grandmother can return with the twin. We paid her way back to her village and sent milk and fortified rice for the twin, but the grandmother has to work to earn enough for her return trip. This could take a while. We are thinking baby Cris will probably be with us for about a month.

Foto: Meet Cris, a 9 pound 9 month old we get to love on for a little while.

In June we started construction on the fence project. This is a security fence with concrete blocks, chain link fencing, and Constantine wire. The fence will be over 10 feet tall  and enclose 500 meters of property when completed. This fence will separate the area where our future home will be from the feeding program area, it will protect the feeding program garden, and actually allow the feeding program kids to actually eat at the property! 

Concrete posts are being poured!!! It's exciting to see this project really starting to look like a fence! We are almost done! A team will come in September to put up the chain link fencing and  razor wire! We only need 917.50 more to finish with the installation of the gates and an inch of concrete that will connect the chain link fencing to the wall! A big thanks to all of you who have helped us reach this point!

The feeding program kids have started working to make their soccer field at the property. The construction workers have taken on working with the boys and are also going to have their own team. There will be 3 teams: little boys up to 12, big boys 12-18 , and men.



Thank you for all of your prayers, encouragement, and support! We are blessed to have each of you as part of this ministry.