Saturday, February 18, 2012

This week we have been spending some time with a very special Miskito family.

A family that I have longed to meet and dreaded to meet at the same time.

Any guesses...

Grace's birth mom, Miskito grandmother (who I have known briefly), Miskito Grandpa, and cousin

I'm exhausted but it has been GOOD.

I now have a little book of things I can tell Grace when she gets older. Little by little I learned about their family. I learned things about those first months before I knew Grace, I learned things from before she was born, I learned a few things about her birth mom, and most of all I just enjoyed spending time with them.

In other news I am supposed to be on my last leg of my residency process
 and now on to the beginning of Grace's VISA process!!

Love my two little lovies!

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