Monday, February 18, 2013


Meet Caleb
Since before this baby boy was born a team of people have been working on his behalf. Working to save his birthmother and siblings. Working to give them new life. Working to get them healthy. Hours were spent pouring into his birthmom even before he was born.  For a while she was doing great then she fell back into her “hell” as she says and started refusing help. It took a while to get the baby out but he was finally removed a few weeks ago.
Caleb- 12 spies went into Cannan and only two men gave report that was prompted by faith in the Lord.
Caleb was one of those two men.
I love his response ”We can certainly do it!”
Kind of funny since baby boy did not have a name- my family gave the name suggestion of Caleb.
 I went back and read the story and it totally resonates with the question “can we do it” “can we take another baby”
My answer like Caleb’s “We can certainly do it!” My answer prompted by faith that the Lord is going to provide more than enough of what we need, more grace and mercy, more love, and more of Him.
His story is painfully heartbreaking but the Lord has clearly had his hand on this little one.

  He is now having effects of drugs his birthmother used which prompted the sudden urgency to get him into a foster family.


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  1. May Jesus and Holy Spirit be ever near you and the children. You will continue to be in my prayers. From Linda In MTGY AL