Sunday, October 20, 2013


Yesterday, I had the honor of doing a “home visit” for two of the children in the feeding program who will attend 7th grade at Instituto Vida Abundante starting in January.
I have known this family for about 3 years but I have never personally visited their home.
Today the mom cheerfully welcomed me in eager to listen to my ramblings in Spanish.
She was very open and honest. We talked with no culture barrier just as two moms.
A little while later her husband woke up (he works nights so he sleeps until lunch time every day)
I have never met this man but I know the way his stepsons talk about him that he is a great man. He tells me about how only the rich studied when he was young (it isn't much different now). He said he went through 6th grade in his village. Then his sister ended up paying for him to go to high school. After high school he wants to continue to study so he took a 10 day trip in a small canoe to the city. Then he then had to hitch rides across the country. He finally ended up in the capital about a month later. With no money he had to join the military. So for 3 years he worked in the military and saved money so he could study.  When he finally left the military he had just enough money to study but not to live on. He made friends with a man who owned a wood shop. He slept on the wood at night and the man fed him in exchange for a little volunteer help. So that is how he made it through university. After he graduated he went back to his village and was a teacher for 12 years. He no longer has a place as a teacher but he still fully believes in education. He repeated over and over how he would do anything he could to help his step sons study if they wanted to study. He told me “here (la moskitia) without an education it is like driving a truck and not know how to drive then you are bound to get into something you can’t get out of. With an education you can do anything”
He said “Thank you” a hundred times in our conversation.
I want to say thank you, Lord and thank YOU a hundred times!
Without the Lord and each of you opportunities like 7th grade would not be possible for these kids. Thank you for being a part of their lives, for believing in them, and believing in Instituto Vida Abundante!  


  1. Thanks so much for all the help Morgan! J was super excited this morning at church when I spoke with him.

  2. Awesome Morgan!Its so amazing to know these kids will have a better future!Thanks to all the missionaries in Honduras who work so hard to make this possible,all of your hearts are simply amazing!And "this is so God" as my new statement goes!:)