Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pictures of La Moskitia and Puerto Lempira

So many people have been asking me what its really like in La Moskitia, so here are some pictures by Nanni Fontana.
 La Moskitia
Puerto Lempira

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  1. Naksa Pana. I lived in Puerto Lempira as a Peace Corps Volunteer from late 1964 to August 1966. I have not seen pictures of the town, other than my own, for close to 50 years now. It is, apparently, a very different place. Pre drug trafficking and before the use of the area as a military base for operations in Nicaragua, the Mikitos (as often spelled then) were a very peaceful and gentle people. I spent much of my time with the children in the area, building a small playground and trying gardening projects with children to try to help families vary their diets in more healthy ways (not particularly successfully). I built a house near what was then the central area full of huge Mango trees. It was my living quarters but also intended for use as a kind of community center. The village "jail" was one tiny single room house made of bamboo- I only remember it being used once during the close to 2 years I was there. Things were tough for families then. It saddens me to think those wonderful people have an even harder life now. I congratulate you, Morgan, for dedicating yourself to helping. I truly believe that "The purpose of life is a life of purpose." You are building your purpose in a manner and place that matters, Morgan. I wish you the very best. Dave Knaggs-