Friday, January 28, 2011

So you all know Mel my friend who is in the prison in Puerto Lempira. I blogged about the day I went and he was dressed up ready to go having been told it was his release day. Here is a picture of us that happy day.
Well the guards never came. He thought it would be any day so he stayed ready. After about 2 weeks he kind of lost hope. When I talked to him I could hear the sadness and loss of hope in his voice. So, I thought I would take some kids by make him some cards and cheer him up. We made cards that said, "Congratulations on your release" "almost there" "praying for you" " We love you"  and cards with bible verses the kids knew on them. Well this brought a little tear to his eye as he said thank you and hugged us. At this point he was told you will be released when your sentence of 6 years is up... only a short 2 weeks. We encouraged him that 2 weeks is really not a long time. He began to tell me I have no friends on the outside. I have no family here. He said everyone in this prison has family in this town that comes by and bring food and anything they need. They come by and visit during visiting hours. He says but I have no one I have no family here and you are the only person who comes to visit me. He also began to tell me that he has huge dreams when he gets out of speaking with the boys of the town about "doing the right thing" so they do not end up like him. He is still not a Christian but I have a feeling the Lord is working on him a lot!

Today I found out that Mel was not released at the end of his sentence and that the judge ordered 2 more years. I feel the weight of what Mel might have felt as he heard those words. The thoughts that might have run through his head. That his youngest daughter will be 9 before he even meets her. That his son will be out of the house having pretty much grown up without a father.

Psalm 79:11 (Amplified Bible)"Let the groaning and sighing of the prisoner come before You; according to the greatness of Your power and Your arm spare those who are appointed to die!"

This is my prayer for Mel as I feel the weight of the news he has received. The devastation and the isolation that he feels. The lonely hopeless feelings.

So all this to say.. I might be the only one who feels this way about a man who has made some very bad choices in his life, but my heart hurts I mean really hurts for him. I am praying for him non-stop!! I am praying that the Lord will use this time of waiting to soften his heart. I pray that in this time that Mel comes to know the Lord in a real tangible way as his Comforter, Healer,Provider,Friend, and Father.  That the Lord will begin to use Mel to minister to the other prisoners as well as the boys of La Moskitia.

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