Saturday, February 19, 2011

Less than 3 months until I move.
I am now beginning the count down and getting really excited... its close!!! 

I will get off this plane!
I will get to hold my baby girl!

I will walk down this road!
and I will get to see all these kids!

 Yesterday I went and got my letter of clearance from the police station.

All I have left is a physical... then I will be set to get a special extension VISA for 5 years. If I did not have this I would have to leave every 90 days. After those 5 years I can apply for residence in Honduras!

Latest news on Grace, the holes in her eardrums have healed by themselves!!!! Thank you all for all of your prayers!! She is still on some medicines for the next few months to try and control her ear infections. Praying for no more ear infections and no need for surgery!!


  1. We are about to finish up getting everything together for our extended visa. We waited a little more last minute than you...

  2. I am just a little excited to get back!!!! But I was also thinking that I should go ahead and get it done so I can make sure I get it all in time. I can't wait to finally meet y'all in May!