Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not "forgotten"

Here are some pictures of the reality of life of many children in La Moskitia.

Malnourished, Orphaned, Abused, Abandoned, and Needing Surgery
Forgotten by the rest of the country
Baby Y a malnourished 6 month old

Baby Y's  mother 5 months pregnant holding her malnourished son

Baby Y HEALTHY fat and happy with her dad and brothers

17 year old mother with a 2 month old preemie baby

malnourished 2 year old

Malnourished 4 month old with 14 year old mother

malnourished one year old on her way home!

K. abused by her nanny

club feet
after surgery

craniofacial  and hand and feet abnormalities

hydrocephalus baby
This is fluid on his brain

Grace at 6 months
Grace on her 1st birthday

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