Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Introducing the BABY FRO

I am going to give Grace a little baby fro and I am so excited about it but I need tips and as much info and I can get because I have no clue how to do A.A. hair especially when we have limited access to products and hair salons.

here is the look we are going for
Just kidding I just thought this was a funny picture

for real more like this in 2 year old version

Any suggestions?


  1. almost never wash with shampoo... almost always wash with only conditioner. :-) and google a you tube video on how to do a "two strand twist out" for a 'fro that stays manageable much longer... and buy a "tangle teezer" hair brush from online to cut detangling time in half -- this can save hours of your month!!!

  2. I would not stress, research but allow the Lord to lead you he created her hair. Wash every two weeks, unless she gets it really dirty. I would do braids a lot, watch out for her edges. You do not want the braids to be to tight and put her hair out! Youtube is great to show you how to braid hair and do the two strand twist as mentioned above. with her hair you can do a lot different styles as her hair gets longer. i would use olive oil to her grease and scalp. her hair will be a lot dryer than yours! You can be creative and youtube different ways to make your own products. this could save money for you! the more you do it, the better you will get! you do not have to use black products only on her hair. see whats works best, use some of the same products you put in your hair for shampoo and conditioner. this is a process everyone has to go through. overall the grace of God will guide and lead you! Blessings! Tosh

  3. By the way I use to have a fro!!!lol
    LaTosha Ramssey

  4. ............... this post made me smile, especially after your reaction to the baby afro milk we gave you!