Sunday, August 14, 2011

My friend Susanna and I have started a teenage girls bible study group after realizing the need for truth to be spoken to these girls. These girls hear one thing in church one thing from their parents see different things lived out so they are confussed. This is a safe place where these girls can come and share, ask questions, read the Word, and pray together.

This week as the girls of all walks of life ran into the house I did not notice past wounds, orphans, diseases, and handicapps but rather normal teenage girls eager to feel the love of their Father.

They were ask to write questions they had about life, christianity, or anything else that they were afraid to otherwise ask in public and place them in a bag so we had no clue who wrote what questions. We will study the biblical answers to these questions over the next few weeks.

I quickly saw the excitement in some of the faces as they wrote their questions and then pure fear in one face. I realized this girl could not read or write. I have never thought of this before. She can not read her bible she can not journal. I was reminded of the verse in Romans that says ¨ and how can they hear without anyone preaching to them.¨ Literally the only way this girl will hear about stories in the bible is if someone preaches or reads it to her. Then I began to think how many more people are there not only in this city but in every city around the world who will not hear about Jesus just because we assume they can read their own bible.

Today I am thankful that I can read and through being able to read I have the opportunity, just like all of you, to be able to tell others about a Heavenly Father who loves them.

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