Thursday, May 24, 2012

The day after Daniel Paul got out of the hospital Grace and I had to fly to the city to do my residency papers ( I had to be at the office before the 26th). Daniel Paul does not have a birth certificate so he had to stay behind at House of Hope.  We traveled with my neighbors the Waits family. We flew 2 hours, spent 6 + hours in a taxi, and 2 hours at the immigration office. Praise the Lord it was a successful day I got my paper and all 4 of the Waits kids received their cards!!

Grace and Arlee taking a nap in the taxi.

First stop in the city Popeys Chicken... Grace didn't know what to do with herself.

next stop immigration office. Arlee entertaining Grace while I talked to the immigration officer.

IT IS OFFICIAL I AM A RESIDENT OF HONDURAS!! This  paper says I can pick up my id card in 90 days.

Since we finished everything we came to do the first day and we planned for a 3 day trip.
Grace and I are having a little vacation in a hotel with air conditioning, hot showers, TV, real grocery stores with yummy food, and good Internet.

Grace has enjoyed playing with herself in the mirror.

and swimming with friends

We are off to spend our last day on vacation!!

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