Thursday, May 17, 2012


A place I have spent way too much time. A place the smell is etched in my brain. A place where I have spent hours in prayer with now both of my children.

Daniel Paul was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday with a bad infection. If all goes well he will get to come home on Saturday. Be praying!! We are ready to have our boy healed and home.

I want to give yall a little glimpse into what the days in the hospital( the only hospital in our ENTIRE region) look like.

Puerto Lempira hospital is a bring your own kind of place. Bring your own sheets, towels if you want to bathe from a water basin outside, toilet paper, food, etc… You do all the things a nurse would do in the states, if they do lab work you take the sample to the lab and then pick up the results and take them to the doctor.  Someone must be there at all times to take care of the patient that is not the nurses job. You give the patient medicines. You tell the nurse when your baby has a fever.  If the doctor needs an extra hand well you might be called on. You are in a room with every other child in pediatric and their caregiver. Only adults are allowed to visit children ( meaning Grace has to stay with my neighbors so I can take care of DP).
You get very vague answers if any.
Enough if that yuck… heres the real reason I write this:
In a 3rd world hospital pediatric unit with 8 chiildren and 8 mothers :you become one big family of bonded mothers with sick babies. You watch each others children while one mom goes to run all the hospital “errands” You sit on the end of your child’s bed and chat with the other women like your are at a spend the night party. We laugh, we cry, we sleep, we sometimes close our eyes and pinch out noses so we don’t get sick, we encourage each other.
The hospital in Puerto Lempira might be my last choice of a place to spend my days but we walk this road along side each other and we are family.

I have been more than blessed and encourage beyond anything I could imagine this week.
The Waits Family, Kayla, and House of Hope have all bonded together and helped in a way I can never thank them enough. I seriously would have been able to do NOTHING without them. They have taken care of my girl during the day, brought me lunch, given me rides, stayed with my boy at night so I can come home to my girl.
The Lord has shown me that as much as they do for me and love on my whole family that He loves on us even more!!!

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  1. So glad you have such wonderful support there. Prayers and love!