Saturday, March 26, 2011

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On my way traveling back to the states in January I spent four days in either La Cieba or San Pedro Sula( the city). Where I am in Honduras is a region called La Moskitia, it is a region of immense poverty and corruption. The rest of Honduras looks down on this region and the people who live there.
While I was in both cities almost every person I met ask me WHY?
WHY would I go to La Moskitia?
 WHY would I want to move there?
WHY would I want to adopt Miskito children?
WHY would I even want that many children?
A lot of WHY. 
 I have been ask many of the same why questions here in the states as well.

First, I believe this is what that LORD has commanded me to do. There is no doubt in my mind that this is that place that He wants me to be.
I do what I do because out of all the sick that I see,all the hurt that I see, and all the bad that I see,
 I see Jesus.

 I see Jesus in the face of every person I come in contact with. Each sick, handicapped, or abused child that I see I can't help but to love on. The biggest baddest prisoners... yep I want to love on them too. Prisoners who want to spend their lives after they get out to change the live of the boys in town so they don't make the same mistakes they did.

Grace a baby who at one time was one of the sickest babies. She was one of the ones that most people did not have much hope in. But the Lord planted a love for her in me . She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen and has brought so much joy to my life . THAT IS JESUS.

I do what I do not because it is what I love I do (which I do very much), but because I know that the Lord has a plan for each of these people no matter what the plan is in my head. I know that He would never give up on a child. That He would never give up on the prodigal son. That He loved to be with the sinners and the sick. He got down on the level with the people that no one else would. So I feel like that is where He wants all of us to be. It's not easy, I wonder why a lot too! Sometimes I don't think I can take seeing another  hungry tummy, sick baby, abused child, or little boy roaming the street but every time the LORD reminds me that I am doing this WITH HIM, and through everything I pray He will be glorified!

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