Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Molly is Grace's first friend.Molly and Grace have very similar stories. All to commonly their stories are also the story of many other babies and children in Honduras except often thier stories don't have the happy endings like Molly and Grace do.

Molly was born to a teen mother who abandoned her. Thankfully her grandmother was nursing a baby and was able to care for her and nurse her. Her grandmother simply did not have enough milk for two babies so Molly became severely malnourished by 6 months old. Molly was brought to the House of Hope by her grandmother. This is where  my friend Tara met Molly fell in love with her and began to care for her. Molly had many health problems including pneumonia, reflux, and lactose intolerance. Tara ended up leaving her newlywed husband and home to live in a hospital ( 2 plane rides away from our city) for 2 weeks in order to care for Molly.  This selfless dedication, prayer, and love all paid off. Molly is now a one and a half year old who is health and developing just like any other baby her age!

Molly on the left at 6 months old Grace on the right at 6 months old


with lots of love and a little food these two soon became
 the fattest malnourished babies you will ever see.

Molly was adopted by my friend Tara and her husband Alex they now live in Nicaragua so we don't get to see them but I just saw this picture of Molly.  

Here are Molly on the left and Grace on the right at one year old!!

These two precious lives are living proof of the GOODNESS, LOVE, and HEALING
 power of our God.

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