Monday, November 28, 2011

Feeding Program

 Some of you might remember my dream of starting a feeding program here in Puerto Lempira for poor and street children. Well that dream is very quickly becoming a reality with the launch of the feeding program set for December 30th! We plan to work with almost 200 poor and street children in Puerto Lempira. This program will provide a sports time, worship time, a lesson about who the Lord is and how to begin a relationship with him, and then a meal.
A group from Auburn is coming to help kick off the program but we need your help to continue this program as a Saturday program throughout the year.We are stepping out in faith believing that the Lord has provided everything thus far and if this is His will He will continue to provide.
I can not wait to share all the cool God stories of how this program has come together.
Haley Harvey a volunteer wrote this letter to help raise funds. I wanted to share it with all of you.
As some of you know, I spent part of last summer with my good friend Morgan Hayden in Puerto Lempira, Honduras. Since I can't get there to see her this Christmas break I'm trying to help her out in other ways. (If I've already driven you crazy with stories about her and such, skip to the ** part!)

Morgan graduated from Auburn University this past year and is now a missionary in Puerto Lempira, Honduras. Last summer when I went to live with her, Hondurans even told me I was crazy for wanting to visit there. This is the only "city" in the entire region of Gracias A Dios.  The region is separated from civilization by jungle, mountains, and rivers-Google Map it and you'll see no roads. The only way to get here is by boat or plane. The first language of most people here is not Spanish like the rest of the country, it is Miskito. There are numerous tribes of indigenous peoples in the region that live hours up river and have no access things I consider basic human rights, such as basic medical care and education. Some of the Miskito Indians relocate to Puerto Lempira. The only reason this town exists is because of the drug cartel; it is extremely secluded from the rest of the country so the "narcos" don't have to worry about much interference while trafficking. At night gun fire and the occasional grenade explosion can be heard as the top drug families fight each other.

During one of her many trips visiting this region and numerous signs from God, Morgan fell in love with a baby girl dying from severe malnourishment. The grandmother of the baby brought her to Morgan and pleaded with her to save the her. No one besides Morgan would touch her; people thought she had AIDS and was a lost cause. That little girl is now chubby, happy, and thriving. Morgan aptly named her Grace and is now in the process of adopting her. Soon Morgan is going to begin the process of building a home so she can take in more children and show the love of Christ to many more. (Reminds me of Matthew 25:40)

**My college ministry at First Baptist Church Opelika is sending a group of students during Christmas break to live with her and help her kickstart her street kid feeding program. Along with this, we are collecting money to get these children in school. Elementary school in Puerto Lempira is free but uniforms and shoes are expensive. I'm talking about kids that are diving in trashcans to find food and addicted to huffing glue to take away the pains of hunger- they don't have spare cash to buy uniforms. We want to get these kids in school. Most of these street boys are recruited by the Drug Cartel and end up murdered or in prison. We want to provide them with an education so that another brighter future is possible.

The goal is to feed as many children as possible spiritually and physically and get as many as we can enrolled in school ( starting in February).

We are looking for sponsors to commit to a one time donation ranging from $10-$50.

10 dollars supports a child to come to the feeding program for one month (300 needed)
 15 dollars buys a child a pair of shoes (150 needed)
20 dollars buys a child a Bible (150 needed)
25 dollars buys a child school supplies for one year (150 needed)
30 dollars buys a child a uniform for one year (150 needed)
40 dollars supports a woman to cook for the feeding program for one month (12 needed)
50 dollars provides fruit for the feeding program once a month (12 needed)

Morgan is only 22 years old and has already found God's calling for her life. Living with her made it apparent to me that God's hand is on her ministry. If your heart is leading you to help financially, great! If not, praying for her and these kids is just as important if not more important.

To make a donation you can write a check to 100xmissions and in the memo write Root Ministries and mail it to 1228 Carmichael Way Montgomery, AL. 36106

OR if you prefer to donate online you can go to but BE SURE TO TYPE "Root Ministries" in the memo box.

If you have questions and would like to talk to me further about the program feel free to email me at


  1. Can we donate through paypal? I would love to help.

  2. Yes, you can donate through paypal on the website just make sure to write Root Ministries in the memo! Thanks so much!! Such a huge blessing to me as well as the kids!