Thursday, November 10, 2011

At the end of October I had the opportunity to go to a Women of Purpose Conference for missionary women of Honduras in Tegucigalpa.  An amazing retreat I cannot even begin to put into words, a time to relax, and rest in the Lord presence, to feel that Love we try to pour out onto those we serve. It was so cool to watch the Lord work in getting all four of the missionary women here to that conference. A group of women in West Virginia put on a conference in West Virginia once a year that 600 women attend at that conference they ask the women to support a missionary to come to the same conference that they put on later that year in Honduras. The missionary women for all around Honduras are able to travel, eat, and sleep at this retreat because of those women in West Virginia.  Here is the problem number one… we live a little farther out than most. So where others simply had to take a bus all four of us would have to take a plane before we could take that bus. So the lady who organized the retreat sent us an email and said if the plane was paid for how many of yall could come.   Problem number two I was not about to leave Grace so she was going to have to be able to come and then I would need to find someone in a city I don’t know to watch her during the conference. A few days later an email saying that a donor donated 1000 dollars BUT specifically for travel of women who would not be able to come to the conference otherwise. If you are doing the math 4 of us at 250 a plane ticket is EXACTLY 1000 dollars. They had no clue about us.  Another email from the conference organizer that Grace could stay in HER own house and her nanny could take care of her. 

At that point completely blown away and amazed by the Lord we boarded the plane. We went up on a mountain to a retreat center and had a time I could talk about forever. We all came home on a “mountaintop high”.

A few days after we came home I felt like I was free falling off that mountain and the clear direction I had only a short time before was now all gone.

Before we left for the retreat several things that had been falling into place so quickly seemed as though they were the Lord’s will and they were good and it was happening so fast how could it not be the Lord. Everything was a done deal we would complete when I returned.

Well all of that GONE.

I sat in an office ready to pay for land and heard the words SORRY I can’t sale you that land.
What do you mean you can’t sale me the land you said you would sale me that land at that price as something you could give me to start out.  But the feeding program is going to be there and the house where I can raise my children is going to be there.

A simple Sorry I cant do that price. Was all I got.

I felt so confused stunned sad hurt and lost. I couldn’t even see where to begin again.

Then I heard the TRUTH loud and clear.
Get it together. I closed that door for a reason. TRUST ME. Follow Me. The Lord saying I have something planned and I can not wait to show you it is going to be so much more than anything that you could ever dream of.

I say all of this humbly coming before those of you who have supported the purchase of the land and asking that you stick with me. I am in awe of your support and do not take one penny of it for granted. I know the sacrifices each of you has made to provide for us and I am forever grateful. I continually pray that the Lord closes the doors on things that are not HIS will and while I feel completely blind right now I can cling to the Truth that He is who He says He is and He knows the plans. I have begun the process of looking for land yet again knowing that the Lord does have the perfect place for us and I just have to trust Him to lead me there.

I am asking all of you to cling tight to those truths with me and to come before the Throne and plead His LIGHT lead us.


  1. Praying for your journey daily Morgan!!!! This door has only been closed because our amazing Lord has found another door to open for you!!! Be patient!!! I know it's tough, and at times aggravating, but you are there for a purpose and HIS will, will be done if you continue to BELIEVE!!! I believe in you and I know you can carry on and everything WILL fall into place for your journey!!!! Sending love and prayers your way my sweet, precious Morgan!!! Kiss Grace for me too!!! (FYI...I have been keeping up with you guys through Amanda via FACEBOOK and I am a follower of your BLOG!!!!

  2. Morgan, I work with Amanda. I am believing that the Lord has property that will be GIVEN to you, free of payment! And it could be the same property you attempted to buy -- but if it's different it will be even better. Our Lord can do it just like that! I know he has done this before and he will do it again. The Word says nothing is impossible for God and all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose -- like you!
    p.s. Next time I comment I'll figure out how to show my pic and name like a tech savvy person :-)