Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hair revisited

I've only been doing this hair thing for a year and a half now and I still have questions! 
(G's hair just started growing in the past 8 months so maybe I can get a little slack there)

Here is some advice from a friend on the topics of washing,combing, products,and must haves of African hair.

I co wash every other day (wash with conditioner only) and wash with a moisture shampoo once a week. To keep the curls after you wash apply the leave in conditioner and let it air dry. Don't touch or comb because it will frizz.

ONLY comb with a wide tooth comb when hair is soaking wet if not it will break.

I love Cantu leave in conditioner it's a Shea Butter cream. Always moisturize her hair. I, love natural products like kinky curl, Cantu, Curls and Giovanni. Once a week I do a hot oil treatment/deep condition. I use the spray bottle on days that I don't wash it with conditioner because if you already have products in the hair from the daybefore and if you spray it with water the water will reactivate the products that are all ready in the hair . Also I if you can find some coconut oil and melt it to make it a liquid you can put that on her hair to, mainly on the ends but all over won't hurt.
Must have:
The best thing you can keep is a spray bottle, leave in conditioner, wide tooth comb and moisturizer

Anyone else have anything to add? 
 We are all going to do everything a little different but I am open to hearing how everyone does it so I have different ideas to try!

Pictures are way more fun so here are some of  how Grace has grown (and her hair) over the past year and a half:
6 months

8 months

11 months

1 year old

16 months

18 months

20 months

22 months

23 months

2 years old

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  1. I agree with the advice you posted from your friend. As Grace's hair grows, you may need to section it and braid it or 2 strand twist it (see for detials - great resource) before bedtime to avoid tangling when you comb it the next day. Before combing, mix a little leave-in conditioner with water and a little nautral oil of some kind, shake well in a spray bottle and spritz her hair to dampen it. Be blessed.