Sunday, September 9, 2012

A day in our lives

WARNING- this will probably bore most of you to death.
Many people have asked me what does a  typcial day look like for you
I decided to write down what our day looked like yesterday.
Here is a little glimpse of our lives.
Saturday  September 8th 2012
5:50 am Wake up to my 2 year old shoving a kiddie potty in my face that needs to be emptied.

6 am  Buy a few minutes satisfying G with cup of milk while I make breakfast. make a bottle for DP who is waking up. Give DP his bottle. Boil water to make coffee.Change DP’s explosive dirty diaper.Eat breakfast- yogurt and muffins. Grace prays for 2 people from her prayer cup.Throw some toys on the ground and put on my ipod and have a little quiet time for a few minutes while drinking my coffee.

7 am Put kids in the stroller and head outside to wash clothes by hand.

8 am take out trash, wash dishes, bathe kids, mop floors (this has to be done daily we live in a city with only dirt roads and the dust is unbelievable)

9am put on a movie or YouTube video while I hop in the shower for 3 minutes or less.
Run out of water while I am covered in soap. Scream at the top of my lungs for my landlord. No answer. Find my phone call my neighbor who turns on the pump. 15 minutes later I finish my shower.

Get everyone dressed.

10 am Head out to the Feeding program.
Cut up oranges for lunch. Take the kids swimming, do lice treatments, skip rocks, dish out 20 pounds of food and run out. Make a note to buy more next week!!!


1 pm Walk home. Gracefully slide into an outhouse trench. My shoes got stuck. Ended up having to have a kid dig around for my shoes. We continue on our 40 minute walk through town out house covered legs and all.

2 pm Return home. Go to get in the shower first thing. NO WATER.
Make lunch -pasta and apples. While the guy works on the well.


Bathe babies put them down for nap. Wash the dishes from lunch.

3 pmTake a shower.  wash the morning clothes and the shoes from the outhouse trench.

Buy a light bulb from the store below my apartment. It doesn’t work. Spend the next 30 minutes switching light bulbs around until I realize the problem is not with the light bulb but the wiring or something. Note to tell the landlord tomorrow.

4 pm Babies are up. Time for some wound cleaning on G’s boil followed by a pretty new band aid and cookies.. maybe I am trying to win her love after putting her through so much pain.
Grace does some art work, we play puzzles, and Lego's.

5 pm Make dinner- bean and cheese tortillas, eat, wash the dishes again and get ready for scrabble.

6 pm missionary women’s scrabble night and my kiddos get to play with the other missionary kids.

10 pm get home- read a few books and then straight to bed.

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