Monday, November 29, 2010

Giving the gift of TIME

I was recently ask what is one thing that is different in Honduras that you have learned that could be a lesson to all Americans?

Well here is a HUGE difference that I see in our cultures. Miskitos and all Hispanics I have met invite EVERYONE into their home, they hug and greet everyone with a kiss, they know everyone by name and know all about their families (sometimes they know a little too much).

I could be walking down the street and have someone come up and just want to talk for 10 minutes, they don't know me I don't know them but it doesn't matter. I can see my pastor drive down the street he honks and stops and ask me about the kids. I can walk in the hospital and they ask me how is Grace. I can go to the store to buy ice cream and the lady calls me by name and knows exactly what flavor I want. I walk in church Sunday morning with 50 children and the women stand at the back and hug and kiss each child.

I met a lady on the plane the past summer. I am learning Spanish and she is learning English through her son as our translator we talked for 3 hours. After, the plane landed I had another flight to catch and she lived in that city so we exchanged emails and decided to keep in touch. Through out the summer we emailed stories back and forth. This time as I am traveling down she has invited me to stay 2 days with her family. I might be crazy she might be crazy but this is the love they have for each other.

All they have is family, all they have is friends, all they have is each other. So they put such a huge emphasis on relationships. They don't have gifts to give ... so they give time!

I think this is definitely something that we Americans could learn to do. I can go to walmart and see the same cashier and just say hey how are you? and nothing more.. but whats really going on in her life? I ride the transit with the same people every day... everyone has their i-pod in and is in their own little world. No one talks. I don't know their names their majors.

I have been going to a Hispanic church in Auburn and I LOVE it, the other night I was brought to tears when the people were talking about how alone they feel in Auburn. How Auburn is one of the top 10 cities to live in , its great for jobs, good neighborhoods, school systems. But this whole community of people feel alone. They are without their families, their friends, and American's do not reach out.

We love our families, our friends, but I pray we will  all start to reach out a little more to the people around us.


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