Friday, November 19, 2010

November National Adoption Month

47 times orphans are mentioned in the Bible, clearly orphans are the LORD'S heart, He says, " I will not leave you as orphans"

There are 147 million orphans in the world. They are not just some abstract number, each one is a REAL CHILD, a beautiful child, needing love, needing a family.

A few months ago I listened to about 20 teenage girls give their testimonies, of how they grew up in orphanages where they were called by a number, not a name. They went to bed each night all snuggling up together for warmth because there was no heat, they all cried themselves to sleep at night. They watched their friends die daily. These girls were all adopted by a man who now runs a home for the girls when they are kicked out of the orphanage. These girls now call him Dad. One girl said she had no hope and then her dad came it was the first hug she had ever had, the first love she had ever been shown ( at 16 years old). She said that without her dad she would have never learned about her Heavenly Father. She now travels with her Dad and speaks to raise awareness for orphans.
These were not just orphans in a video or a book, they were real standing right in front of me. You could see the love they had for their dad, but even more than that the love they have for their Heavenly Father. It is amazing what a touch, a hug, a kind word, and love can change lives.

I hope that you become an advocate for orphans and prayerfully consider what your role in adoption is.

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