Wednesday, December 8, 2010

and I'm off ( well kind of)

I will be leaving in a few days to head back to Puerto Lempira.. my heart is so full of joy that I can not even explain it!! I am so ready to see my sweet baby, to hold her, to kiss her sweet little face.
I have 2 huge bags packed full of things for her from my CMDS class ( thanks girls!!) I can't wait to dress her up and to put bows in her hair, read books to her, and go on walks around town with her! I am so ready to see each House of Hope kid's beautiful face to hug them and play with them. I am ready to hear Spanish and Miskito. I am ready to be woken up at all hour of the night and morning to serve. I am ready teach. I am ready to see my friends, my pastor, my church!  I could go on and on.  I am praying that the Lord fills me with overflowing love, joy, patience, and energy!

I will be doing several things while I am there besides living at the house helping take care of 60 kids, helping work at the store, and teach preschool. I will also be meeting with several people and asking a lot of questions that will provide the answers about my families future. I will hopefully be finding out answers to a lot of the very important decisions that will be made concerning Root Ministries and my family over the next few months. I want to ask you to please pray for all of these decisions, that the LORD would give me supernatural wisdom about each these things!! Thanks in advance for your prayers!

This will probably be a very hectic excitingly busy month but I am ready for it!
I am going to try and blog, hopefully with pictures!! ( if not I will update when I return)
Also, if you would like to meet Grace and possibly other House of Hope children we will be on Skype on Saturdays at 2pm (hopefully... Internet and schedules are not too reliable there)

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