Thursday, December 30, 2010

I was at the hospital yesterday getting some information signed for Grace and I saw this little boy with his grandmother. While I was waiting for about an hour I kept looking at this little boy. It was weird I felt like I knew him but I didn´t know how. Well eventually his grandmother comes over and ask me if I know him. I told her that I did not know him. She begins to tell me about her grandson and that he has been at the house of hope before for malnourishment but he is now here at the hospital for an infection in his mouth that is causing him to not want to eat. She told me that he has not eaten in 5 days. All the hospital did was take blood and tell him to go home. From the minute I saw him I could tell this boy was very sick; he was too weak to walk , and he was very malnourished.So without calling or asking anyone I said well bring him to the house. The grandmother agreed so I called someone to come get us in the mule because there was no way he would be able to walk home. As the mule pulled up the grandmother takes the little boy off her back and hands him to me. This is when I realized how bad this little boy really was. He is probably 6 years old and I had Grace sleeping in the carrier so I could not even use my full strength to pick him up but with ease I picked him up and put him in the mule. He probably weighed 30 pounds or less. With another volunteer there who speaks Spanish and some Miskito we got more of the story. The mom of this little boy has a new boyfriend who is not the father of this little boy so she no longer wants this little boy. She had only been feeding him coffee in hopes that he would die. The grandmother realized what she was doing and took the little boy home with her. After she had him he got a bad infection in his mouth and did not want to eat. So for at least around 2 weeks this little boy has not eaten. Once I him home all the missionaries here were having a bible study at our house. Two of the women are nurses so they took a look at him and said oh no the hospital needs to admit him. So one of the women calls the doctor at the hospital and tells her this little boy is on his way back to see her now. Then we all pray for this sweet little boy who in his eyes you can see has lost hope, he has given up the fight, and we send him back to the hospital. He was admitted when he went back and will probably be there for at least a week.
I am so thankful that the Lord took charge in this situation and He is doing the impossible. The Lord put people in his life yesterday who could do something about his condition whether it was pray or love on him or giving the doctors wisdom. He is the ultimate healer and I do believe just as he brought Grace back from her malnourishment that He will do the same for this little boy. He will use this little boy for HIS GLORY! This little boy is going to have a long road to recovery not just physically but emotionally and spiritually too. I want to ask all of you to pray for him throughout the next few months.

I saw him at the hospital this morning and he was sleeping which is amazing because he also has not been able to sleep so this was a amazing thing to see!!

Second day in the hospital I could not get a very good picture of him

 10 pounds heavier (40 lbs) almost ready to be released

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