Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today I took 4 of the older kids to the prison with me to celebrate my birthday we made 6 cakes and all the kids made Christmas cards for each prisoner. When we got there Mel came outside and gave me a huge hug and said Happy Birthday! He was all dressed up in his nicest clothes and shoes. When I got inside I realized that the Lord had this planned all along. The Catholic Church was doing a church service and then after giving lunch and coke to the prisoners. This gave us a chance to visit with all the men while they ate. Then after they all came and we gave the each one a piece of cake and a Christmas card. As we sat around and talked while they were eating Mel told me why he was so dressed up today. The guards told his to get ready that He was going to get to leave today!! After 5 years 11 months and 10 days, he is getting to go home to his family to his country. I was so excited for him but at the same time sad to know I might never see him again. The guards did let us take a few pictures so I will be able to let y'all see once I get back to the states! As we left we got in the mule and the 4 kids I brought were so full of joy I can´t even explain it. They were laughing and had huge smiles on their faces. They ask me if we could please come back again. They said they made friends and were all talking about going home and making presents for their new friends and bringing them back. Also another thing not even one of them ask for cake, I did give them a piece and one girl ended up giving hers away. This filled my heart with so much joy to be able to give to people who never get cake but also to see Jesus in these children that they would give and then want to give more. I am looking forward to many more trips with them to visit our friends!

The chapel at the prison

giving out cake I love the smile on Thelma's face here

This is my friend Mel all dressed up for his release day!

This is Rodrigo a House of Hope kid getting to visit with his mom

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