Saturday, July 16, 2011

If your heart were to beat for the lost and the poor the way that God's does, how would that change how you are living personally?- David Platt

I met a man a few weeks ago who has traveled the world on multiple short term mission trips.

 He ask me so how long are you here for?

My response: Forever or until the Lord tells me to go somewhere else.

His response: ARE YOU CRAZY?

He said I have been alot of places ( and began to tell me the horrible conditions of some) but I have never has a change of heart that makes me want to move.

To which my reply was and is I am living here because the Lord has graciously given me the opportunity to love on His children so that they might know their Father. He placed the dreams for Root Ministries in my heart. He made the desires of my heart to bring a hope and a future to the Miskito Indians. It is not on my own or by my will that I live here but by the LORD'S.

1 John 3:20 "For God is greater than our hearts"

What have you seen God's love do?


  1. Morgan,
    You're willingness to listen to God and obey make my heart swell with pride for you and your parents. I love what you are prayers are with you. Do I make donations the same way as before? Please advise. The LORD has blessed my jewelry business and I am about to make some more donations!!! God Bless you, Morgan Hayden!

  2. Awesome! Praise the Lord your business is doing great!! The Lord is blessing you so that you can bless others! Yes you can donate the same way as last time on the 100x missions website- Thank you so much you have no idea how much of a blessing this is for me and so many others here!

  3. Morgan,
    We look forward to all your updates to see what wonderful things God is doing in your life. What we love the most is that you are ministering with the people . . . what a testimony. Your Grace is beautiful and has thrived with your love and God's love. Blessings!

  4. Oh, Morgan... I've seen God's love change 2 extremely selfish, driven, career-oriented people into unworthy missionaries sitting here in your town. I've seen God's love pick up the pieces when I've blown it again as a Mommy. I've seen God's love at work through you and many others here. I've seen God's love pull our family through homesickness and back and remind us that even if we came all this way for one, single, solitary child to know our Jesus... that one is enough.

    I've seen God's love over and over and over... minute by minute at times.

    We love you,
    Laura & fam