Wednesday, July 27, 2011

planting seeds

The last 2 weeks my friend Cassi has been here teaching gardening classes. Cassi taught a class for 3 days at the house where women from all around town came and learned. She also taught a class with the little street boys and a class at the prison. Then my new friend Janna joined us and she will be here for 2 more weeks and she is going to continue teaching the gardening classes. So far she has taught a class to the big street boys and will be helping to check up on all the set up of the gardens as the seedlings begin to grow. 

What is so exciting about this?

Well I saw the husband of one lady from Cassi´s class and he said his wife is doing all these wierd things like saving eggshells and fruit peels (SHE IS COMPOSTING). The little street boys were so excited to tell me that after only 5 days that their seeds are already starting to sprout! The prisoners have already found a place to garden inside the prison. They have worked together to clean it off and one of the prisoners is now teaching anyone who wants to learn how to garden. 

What is even more exciting than this?

While Cassi and Janna  have both done amazing jobs at teaching planting gardens they have also had the chance to teach what the Word says about planting in our lives.

John 12:24 says ¨Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies it remains a single seedling but if it dies it produces many seeds.¨The seed has to die (stop being a seed) in order to become a plant. Just like in our lives we must die to our sinful self inorder to have new life in Christ.

They were also able to talk about what is good for seeds?

What you put into your garden is what you get out. The same with our lives. If you put things of the Lord in your life you will reap good fruit. If you put things of the world in your life you will reap bad fruit. 

I am so excited to see all the gardens begin to grow!! Right now we have started seedlings for 4 big gardens ( one in my backyard) and 4 family gardens.

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