Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sorry I haven´t updated in a while its been busy around here:

First we finished going through all the houses in the slums... We found out the major needs. ( I will update on this later)

My friends Cassi and Alyson will be coming next week for 2 weeks. While in the slums we found several women who Cassi will teach to garden on a model garden at the House of Hope. Then each woman will go back to her neighborhood and teach the women there how to garden and they will work together on a community garden. Cassi will also be teaching the women how to cook in healthier ways. Since I know very little about gardening I will also be learning with these women and starting a garden in my backyard as well. My friend Susanna who is here in Puerto Lempira working with a sustianable resources company has volunteered to help me on weekends keeping up with all the gardens and teaching more cooking classes.

We went with Norma ( the 14 year old mother who is teaching me to cook) to her house to see her brother. We had heard about some bad conditions with her brother and so I ask her to take me and go with me to see what her opinion was. She said yeah I want to go but I have a little problem my mom told me I was never allowed back in her house after she found out I was pregnant. So she obeyed and had not been home since then but she was really missing her family. While what we found was hard to see something good did come out of the situation. Norma´s mother ask her to come visit and bring the baby because she wants to know her grandson. Norma ask me to go with her so now every monday after we cook and hang out we will go over and visit with Norma´s family.

I started teaching English to 3 very intelligent children from House of Hope. My neighbor found out and he is now going to join us.

I met with the Catholic church to talk with them about their program Brotes Nuevos which is what seems to  be an amazing program for street boys here. I will be teaching their kids English 2 days a week.

My new project is to get 10 copies of the devotional "Jesus te llama"(Jesus Calling IN SPANISH). These will go to the prisoners. I want to give one to one man in each cell and then he will be responsible for leading the devotion every morning for his cell. I think this will be good for some of the men there to take on a leadership role. If you would like to donate a copy they are less than 9 dollars on and you can have it mailed or take it by the office: Mitchell Hayden 1228 Carmichael Way Montgomery, AL. 36106

For everyone praying for Mel my friend in the prison. He just received his new sentence of 30 years meaning he has 24 more years left. This has been really hard for him as you can imagine so continue to pray for him.

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