Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yahida is CRAWLING!!

Since I couldn't upload these on the 4th of July.. HAPPY 4th OF JULY from The Hayden's in Honduras!

We have started eating Sunday lunch with our "Papa K" my landlord who has taken the role of our Dad here in Honduras. Last Sunday we went out to Usupum and ate at a friends house.

Our friend also has a 4 month old baby girl who she has yet to name (a miskito indian thing to do is not name your baby for a while) she gave us the priviledge to name her. We decided on Setare which means star in Persian. Papa K is from Iran so he speaks Persian.

We went on a boat trip to two villages I have never been to before Laka and Tumtumtara this was also Grace's first boat trip to go on. I was a little nervous that it would be amazing or everyone on the boat would be miserable.

Well... It was AMAZING. Baby girl chased a chicken in Laka for a good 30 minutes.

and loved the boat.

Playing dress up as an African princess with Haley's headband

Alyson and Cassi have arrived!

they brought suitcases full of goodies. It has been like Christmas around here! Grace got a new pink hoodie towel from Grandpa.

Haley also introduced Grace to chapstick which she tried to eat.

Grace is becoming more and more independent. She even went on a walk with Mel today at the prison.

We had Haley's going away lunch and got to use Papa K's big kitchen. Susanna our new friend from New York made vegetable stirfry, hummus, mango salsa, and guacamole with homemade corn chips. Yeah she is an AMAZING cook.

Baby girl loved all the food as usual.

Alyson (my best friend from highschool) and Grace are already bonding.

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