Thursday, October 13, 2011

Honduran Experience #1

Over the next few days I will post what others who have visited Puerto Lempira have to say about their experiences here. I thought it would be good for yall to see things through their eyes.

What is one word to describe your experience?

What was your first impression when you got off the plane?

I thought it looked JUST like all the pictures you have posted. I was beside myself with excitement and ready to explore!

How was your experience different than you imagined?

It was different because I thought I would be able to share God’s word with more people but once I was there I realized; first, I can’t speak Spanish or Moskito so communicating was not easy and secondly, you have to establish a relationship with them first. I also didn’t realize there are “street kids”…..I just assumed everyone was poor and didn’t go to school. It breaks my heart to know these kids are able to get an education because they can’t afford uniforms. The way the government works blows my mind as well….how they have to conserve water and electricity. I realized I take so many SIMPLE things for granted everyday!

Where did you see the Lord during your time here?

 I saw the Lord working in Morgan, The Waits and Oscar and his family. These people seemed so happy with their lives and truly seemed to enjoy serving the Lord.

What was your favorite part of your trip?

Eating lunch at Oscar’s home, time spent with Dr. Kianifar, exploring and learning about the culture, working on Ebette’s home and last but not least, TIME WITH MORGAN & GRACE!!! I TRULY enjoyed that more than anything!!!!

What was hard for you to see or do?

It was hard for me to deal with the filth….being dirty and never having a HOT shower to feel clean. The hardest thing for me to see was the children at the House of Hope. Also, seeing Morgan’s students so eager to learn when most of the children in the US dread going to class. Its truly heartbreaking.

What do you feel like the Lord taught you during you time in Puerto Lempira?

Not to take the simple things in life for granted. Appreciate what you have. Don’t lust for material things and give all you can to others!!!!!!

How did those first impressions change as you got back on that plane headed for the states?

The fear of “catching” something, germs and diseases slowly diminished. When I got on the plane, I wished I had gotten “closer” to the children and wished that I had not asked for such a busy schedule because I would have enjoyed just following Morgan and Grace around and learning about their way of life.

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