Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In the next post you are going to be hearing about ¨Oscar Edel and their family¨  so I thought I would start with exactly who they are.

Rewind to my very first week living here in Puerto Lempira to say the least it was anything short of CRAZY. We were sleeping on a mat on the floor in an apartment not quite ready for rent but we were in desperate need of somewhere to live. About a week after my move a man came to put screens on my windows (mosquitos and malaria are common here) He stayed late that night so that we would not have to sleep another night with mosquitos biting us. I fed him and his worker dinner for staying late.

That was my introduction to Oscar.

Oscar continued doing little odd jobs for Dr. Kianifar(my landlord) so I would see him around and we quickly became friends.

One Sunday Dr. Kianfar invited us to eat lunch. He told us we would be going to a ladies house to eat after church. Little did I know this was Oscar´s house.

The day before we were supposed to go Oscar stopped by the apartement and ask us to come up with a name for his 4 month old daughter who did not have a name yet. That was our job in exchange for lunch cooked by his wife.

We came up with several names that they were not too keen on and then Dr. Kianifar told them the persian name for star is Setare. We all began to say it over and over again to remeber it. Setare stuck so the little girl now has a name Lydia Setare but they call her Setare.

Not only did we get to meet Oscar´s kids but his wife. A woman who might be my favorite Miskito woman I have met so far. Her name is Edelmira but I call her Edel. Anyone who has met her knows she is ALWAYS happy, laughing and full of joy. Her home is the most peaceful place. Anyone who know her loves her and to be in her home.

This family has become some of my best friends here. I am thankful everyday for them!

Let me introduce you all to them



Their oldest and youngest sons

Their middle son

and sweet baby Setare

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