Saturday, December 31, 2011

Has a year really passed?

This year has brought more than I could ever imagine.

It started out when my baby turned ONE! I won't get too emotional here.

  I returned to the states and finished my last semester of college.

Then in May I finally MOVED to Honduras.

I've learned some practical things like:

How to make tortillas


and how to make yogurt

I started teaching street kids:

Old friends, new friends, and family visited:

Baby Girl grew and thrived more than anyone would have ever imagined: ( sorry if I over do the pictures on this one. how could I choose?)

The feeding program officially began:

I would say overall 2011 has brought more than I could have imagined. The hard times have brought glory to things only the Lord could be doing!  I have learned  so much already in this new season. I can not wait to see where the Lord takes us in 2012 as a family, a ministry, and a city! One thing is for sure I know the Lord has some BIG plans in store!

Until next year...
 lots of love from La Moskitia!

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