Tuesday, December 13, 2011

After the last post some of you are probably saying:
wait hold on you have a 15 year old now?

Yep, it is kind of cute. The other night we were at dinner and someone ask her something about where she was from (because we were speaking English) and she said La Moskitia but my mom is American.

Ursula comes from a past of abuse, she was locked in a house and almost being burned to death, spending the first years of her life she can remember in a hospital, loosing her mother to tuberculosis, never knowing her father, and becoming homeless. These are just a few of the things that she has experienced in her short 15 years.

To meet Ursula you can tell she is a TOUGH girl but she has to be if she has made it out of all the above and more.

After a good amount of time of fair warning she was told to pack her things and move out of where she has lived for the past 12 years of her life.

When I heard she was kicked out I prayed I would find her. I could only imagine what life on the streets would turn into for a 15 year old girl. Later that day I was walking home from my class and I saw her. I almost tackled the poor girl as I ran and held her tight in my arms. The first thing she said to me is "Are you mad at me" I told her No, I love you no matter what you do Ursula even if I do not agree with everything you do. We sat and talked about everything and I decided it was not even a choice to me what would happen next. Ursula would move in with us until her brother who is in the military builds a house where she can live with him.

To me Ursula is such a picture of everything the Lord does for me so how can I even choose if I will extend the same things that I have receive from the Lord back to Ursula. We all mess up and again and again the Lord takes us back. He gives us grace and mercy EVERYDAY. He loves us no matter what.

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