Thursday, December 22, 2011

Okay I feel like I can finally share some details!!!

First the land.

They mayor of our region is donating land for the feeding program and then giving me land for my house for a very reduced cost.

 Over all we have around 2 and a half acres!!!!

It gets even better.

 The first property was around 3 blocks from the water when I went to see the marked property it was full of water ankle deep. Not an ideal place to live or have a kids program. I went and ask if the could move me to another area. No problem he said as he drew on the map a square with my name on it a block away from the water. Nothing in between my house and the lagoon. AHH I can't wait to sit on my porch overlooking the water drink my coffee and have some quiet time. Nothing set in stone yet but looking very promising that we will officially own property as of 2012!!

Second the feeding program.

STARTS A WEEK FROM TOMORROW!! I can hardly control my excitement. My imagination just runs wild when I stand on that property.

15 kids are currently sponsored to go to school this year starting in February.

 I bought the first round of food.

Grocery list looked something like this:

100 pounds of rice
50 pounds of beans
8 kilos of manteca( NASTY! but the cook said so)
4 pounds of salt

 Hungry bellies get ready!

We still need sponsors if you would like to know how you can help see this post.


Amazing how two Miskito women heard about my search for Grace's birth mom. One of these women tracked the  birth mom down ( turns out she took a boat to La Ceiba without ever seeing her daughter). She found a phone number of someone she is living with. Then the other woman called her. She explained everything in Miskito and then passed the phone to me. I was able to let Grace speak to her birth mom ( in Miskito, just bragging on my smart girl) Then Grace's birth mom told me that she would do anything I needed her to do as far as paperwork for a VISA. So off to the judge I went to see what we could work out since there is no way she will be able to make it to his office. He agreed to get all the paperwork together and send everything to her by plane. Then she would sign and send everything back.
All good.
But nothing is that easy here.
One big detail is missing. 
Grace's mom is not registered. She does not have a birth certificate or an ID card.
 Big halt in the process.

 We are praying Carmen ( Grace's birth mom)  is able to get her paperwork quickly so that we can continue the process for Grace to be able to travel to good ole Alabama with me this spring!

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