Monday, December 12, 2011

 I have been learning how little I am actually in control of... and how much I actually like it ( or maybe I should say learning to like it).

This past week Grace's birth mom came to our town. She was supposed to come over to my house and see Grace the day after she arrived. Well it has almost been a week and she has still not show up.

Today, we went on a four hour search house to house to try and find her... no luck.

So far Grace meeting her birth mom has gone NOTHING like the way I would like it to go if I was in control but EVERYTHING like the Lord has planned it will go.

This past week a 15 year old girl who has gone through quite a bit came to live with us for a while.

Today she spent the day cleaning off her mother's grave.

NOTHING like what a day in a 15 year old girl's life should look like but EVERYTHING like what the Lord has planned for her life before she was even born.

This is hard place to be but I love the fact that the pressure is off because in the end I really don't get to decide how anything goes. I just get the joy of taking the ride.

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