Sunday, June 5, 2011


So one of the things I absolutely love about being in La Moskitia is that I do not have to go out looking for ways to serve the Lord or looking for people in need. Everyone here is in need and the Lord puts just the right people in my path almost daily now and He provides me with what they are needing. 

Like one day last week. There is a lady living at House of Hope right now with AIDS. She has 5 children the youngest of which is 14 months old and weighs around 14 pounds and he is HIV positive. I have seen that she is an amazing mom and I have been wanting to spend some time with her and really get to know her. So I am on my way to eat lunch with Grace and Yahida and I see her and her kids in the park next to  my house. At first I started to wave and walk on but then I thought what a great way to get to love on her than to take her and her family out to eat for probably the first time in her life and forsure the first time her kids had ever been out to eat. There are very few resturants here in Puerto Lempira nothing super nice by any means but I took them to one of the nicer resturants overloooking the water and we had a nice lunch. It was funny because they were such Miskito´s throwing their food they didn´t want under the table and their napkins over the balcony but they loved it. I loved getting to see the mom love on her baby and then as if she doesn´t have enough to do with 5 kids she is sick and her baby is sick she was loving on Grace and Yahida. My food was late so she gave Grace half of her food. I was just so blown away that she would do that. I am also praying about hiring this woman to work for me once we move into the house. Maybe to clean or cook or wash clothes. Not alot just something to provide her a little support. I know she needs it more than me and even though this money is not in my budget I know we have areas where we can live on less.

Next time was at our Friday night spend the night parties that I have with 2 girls from House of Hope every week. This week was 2 sisters. I was expecting to have to cook for 4 people so I made spagetti. Well right before they show up my friend Norma comes over with her baby. She is the one who is teaching me to cook. Here is a pic of her ONE MONTH OLD Joseph Emanuel and Grace giving him a kiss. 
So they show up and I invite them to eat as well but I am going to need a few more things so off we go to buy some bread and some fruit. Then some workers show up to put misquito screens up on my windows. So we eat and walk Norma home and I realize we still have a ton of food so I invite the workers in to finish off the rest of the food. 

Saturday since I don´t have a fridge yet it is somewhere on a boat on the way to PL I put all the fresh fruit in plastic containers but with the heat it was going bad in just a day. So I was trying to think what to do with all that good fruit that we are so blessed to even be able to buy. Fruit and Vegetables are expensive here so it is something that most people skip out on. So there is a knock at the gate. The lady who cleans the outside hall was there to clean. Light bulb went off in my head as I ask her if she had kids at home and she tells me yes that she has 4 children. I ask her if they ever get to eat fruit and she says no so I load her up a gallon sized bag of watermelon and pineapple to take home. As I was handing her the fruit I notice that she did not have on shoes and I also had this pair of flip flops that gave me bad blisters so I was trying to think of what to do with them so I gave her the flip flops as well.
Now all I have are my crocs which are really my favorite so now I have a great reason to wear them all the time haha!!

It is something that I really love about here just being able to give and serve in such a tangible way and really humble myself to see what I really need and what is ENOUGH. 

Here are some new pictures!

 This is Yahida. She is now 17  months old she is severly malnourished. She wears 3 to 6 month old clothes.

And Grace at 17 months old 
A new thing in the past 2 days is that Grace now loves to play in the bathtub. She will spend atleast 30 minutes a night playing in here. And this ¨tub¨ is the best 10 dollars I ever spent. It is the bathtub for Grace, the sink for washing dishes, and the bucket for mopping.

This is for you mom!! A picture of me and Grace this morning at church.


  1. I LOVE reading about what God is doing through you there! You hit the ground running and are such an image of Gods love!

  2. Amen, Jessica!!!! I LOVE to read Morgan's blog!!!!! You are such a blessing to these children!! Your kindness and generosity is amazing!!!!!