Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yesterday the Hayden clan welcomed our newest  foster baby.

Introducing Flordeli...

I met this sweet baby two weeks ago at that time she was malnourished and getting milk from the milk program. Yesterday she came back for milk again and at her weigh in she lost a pound. She is atleast 6 months old ( her mom just knows she was born before Christmas) and weighs 10 pounds. I will admit my first instinct was to judge her mom who is over weight. How could she be overweight and not have food to feed her baby? Then I was quickly reminded by the Lord that it is not my place to judge but to LOVE no matter what the circumstances are. So I agreed to take in Flordeli and care for her, love on her, feed her, and pray over her for atleast a month until she gets a little bigger and stronger.

Her mother only speaks Miskito so I had to use a translator to talk to her but she cried ( which Miskito women do not do) as she handed her daughter over to me.

I think about almost exactly a year ago when I became Grace´s momma and what strength and faith this momma must have to be able to say I love my child but I know she is very sick and there is nothing else that I can so so I am going to put her into the hands of a complete stranger. Personally I don´t know if I could do it.

Earlier this week I was reading 1 Samuel and I think it is so cool how the Lord is teaching me things and letting me experience them at the same time. I was reading about Hannah dedicating Samuel to the Lord. So  my question was what does it really look like to fully trust our children to the Lord?

Well for my parents it was letting their baby move to a country half way around the world and knowing that the Lord would protect me.

For Flordeli´s mom it is giving her baby up for a month and praying that the  Lord can use a stranger to provdide what her baby needs.

For Grace´s biological family if ment giving their granddaughter to a little gringa so that she could have life so that she could have ¨a hope and a future.¨

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  1. She and Grace are so beautiful! I really like this post!