Monday, June 27, 2011

One year of Grace

Wow it is hard to believe how it has been one year since I became a momma. Surprisingly as much as I complained about waiting this year has actually flown by.

Yesterday I was ask so what is the greatest thing about being Grace's mom?

The greatest thing is getting to see a living miracle in front of me daily.

Getting to see a baby who could not move grow into a toddler who runs and dances.

Getting to see a baby who made no noise to a toddler who is learning FOUR languages.

Getting to see Grace love on all the babies that come into our home. She loves them all so much that she actually threw a fit the other day to get into the crib with a sick baby at the hospital and give him a kiss.

It's been simply an amazing year and I can not thank the Lord enough for entrusting His daughter to me and I am so excited to get be with her ALL the time now!!  

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