Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Well it has been raining here for 6 days. Hard rain. This is good because cools everything off alot. The nights are perfect I don´t even need a fan. It also means Grace´s heat rash is gone and we have plenty of water for the well.
 I have a friend who is a 14 year old mother and she just needs a friend and I need to learn how to cook Honduran food so she is coming ove and bringing her very healthy 15 pound one month old little boy over to play with Grace and teaching me how to cook Honduran food.

Then 3 days a week I am fostering a 16 month old little girl who is malnourished. Yes, that is the same age as Grace. Only difference is Yahida can not crawl or walk or run around and play or eat real food like Grace but she is getting stronger and she is now sitting up on her own. Please pray for this sweet baby there is no doubt in my mind that the Lord can catch her up quickly!

This is Yahida and Grace playing.
Grace has this toy in her mouth shaking it back and forth and Yahida was loving it!

So how is Grace with another baby if the picture doesn´t show it... she is is GREAT!! She has taken on the big sister role very well. This morning I was washing dishes and I look over and Grace had gotten out a cup and a baby spoon and was play feeding Yahida. Grace also kisses Yahida every time she cries and she had even learned to share her toys.

So I might be crazy for taking on two 16 month olds but we have only had one crazy time so far and that was this morning Yahida had an explosive diaper that went every where all over her clothes so I just decided to take her straight to the bath tub and left everything on the ground to clean up later. Well that was a mistake because while I was bathing Yahida Grace decided to play in the diaper and then run around the house and jump all over my bed. So when I walk out of the bathroom and discover our nicely decorated apartment I laid Yahida naked in a towel in the crib grabbed Grace and put her in the tub and then their was a knock at the door and the people were there to deliver my stove. So they are probably thinking I am a pretty crazy gringa at this point. But good news is by tonight the stove will be installed and working and we can really start to cook!! Until now we have only had a little hot plate.

The man I rent my apartment from( I could write a whole post on him. I LOVE him! )  He felt bad for me being alone in the apartment so he brought me a tv the other day and gave me cable for free! Not that I have that much time to watch tv but there is one english channel I found and it shows CSI Miami at night which is like one of my favorite shows! So that has been a blessing to relax and watch after everyone goes to bed.

Grace´s new trick to hide everything on top of her fro.
She also has learned to blow kisses when she gets in trouble.

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