Friday, June 10, 2011

I wrote about this back in December with Elizabeth but I have been reminded yet again how these people who have NO material posessions but they are still so willing to give whatever they can. A few days ago I went to the first neighborhood that Root Ministries will be working in just to hang out and start to get to know some people. ( If you are wondering why we haven´t started the community outreach yet I am waiting on my friend Haley to get here in 2 weeks!) So I go into this neighborhood. First of all I could move there and be perfectly happy. They all live in these little shacks on the beach and it is just perfect!  So I walk up and there are a group of moms and kids sitting on an old canoe. I planned to sit down with them but while I am getting Grace out of the stroller the kids start running around and next thing I know I was brought what I am pretty sure was the only chair in the whole neighborhood to sit in. I felt kinda weird sitting across from everyone in a chair but they were all very proud to give me a chair to sit in so I accepted the seat. Then I see a kid climb a coconut tree and a man get out a macchette and I had a fresh coc to drink and then another kid climbs a mango tree and I have 3 fresh ripe mangos to eat. It was really neat to see that I came to bless them and I end up being the one who was blessed beyond belief. I love the fact that the Lord has all of these little surprises planned out not only for the people of La Moskitia but for me as well.
Then yesterday I was working on filling out applications for Habitat houses. I went to 3 families and helped them do the paper work. Just so you have a picture of these families one of the questions was about what bienes you have which is like things you own that are worth something. The man had 2 pigs and a chicken, one woman had a chicken and a dog, and the last woman 10 chickens and a dog. So the great news about filling these out was that they are all really deserving familes and great friends of mine but one is very special because it is my friend Bes the woman with AIDS. I love how faithful the Lord is to provide!!! The mayor has donated her land to have the house built on and she will have a house hopefully by the end of the year! Also one of her children has been sponsored to go to school next year.

This is Cheslor her 14 month old son who weighs 14 pounds.

My friend who is teaching me to cook has been a little skeptical of my cooking skills but I keep telling her that I can really cook ¨American food¨ now that I have a stove I made mashed potatoes for her the other day and she was very impressed and has now ask me to teach her to cook American food.

Here are some pictures from this week

Here are some pictures of my apartment.

 Everything is still packed up because we will be moving again in about 3 weeks.

Yahida and Grace. How cute are they together.

 I told yall she was smart. This is how she ask for water.
One of Grace´s favorite things to do is walk down to the pier like 2 blocks from our house. It is so beautiful so I took some pictures.

And then miracles like this are the highlights of my week! Baby Yahida can stand in her crib!!

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