Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My brother his girlfriend and some friends  will be here this THURSDAY!!!

 I will just start out with how excited I am that Grace is meeting her American family in person!!

One thing they will be doing is some construction work in town.

They original lady that we fund raised for was approved for a habitat house. So we had funding but nothing to build. I prayed for opportunities and NOTHING. I prayed for other options of how to use the money and NOTHING. I let my brother know and was told by his girl friend that I had to find something that they were really set on doing some construction. So I thought I will go over and ask my neighbors if they know of anything that they would be able to build or anyone who needs some kind of construction help. Laura (the mom) stood at the top of her stairs as I told her no need to come down I just had a quick question. As the words came out of my mouth she put her hands in her hair and said YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! THIS IS SUCH A GOD THING. Her husband had been out THAT MORNING taking pictures of 2 houses that needed construction work. They did not have the funding but they were planning to go before their board and ask for the money to complete the projects.

So what are these two projects

One is a girl who lost her parents and two siblings she has lived with a family in a village since she was little but she is now at the point where she can no longer advance her education in the village and needs to come to the ¨city¨ of Puerto Lempira to go to school. This lady has agreed to take her in but needs to build her a room before she can move in. The room is built only the roof is lacking. A roof that is all that stands between a hope and a future for Cindy.

So a roof it is.

The other house is a lady who married an American and had a child with him and then he left them both. She has all the wood she needs for her door and windows but needs the labor as well as the concrete for the floor. Windows, a door, and a floor are alll that stand between this family and a home.

So a home will be provided.

I was introduced to the first lady a few weeks ago. She was so greatful thanking me. I immediately had to say no, Thank you Lord!!  It is not me at all I am not the funding or the labor. I am only a small voice to speak for those who can not speak for themselves. There is no way I can accomplish anything without HIM.

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