Monday, September 26, 2011

The Waits family- let me start with them. Well they are an amazing family from Texas who lives next door to me. Laura is an amazingly humble mom just seeking the Lord. She is very encouraging to me. She is extremely wise and gives great advice. Alex is an awesome dad. He helps me with all the things I can´t do in my house like hang towel racks and little things like that. These things that I am forever greatful for! They have four of the sweetest children. Their children have told thier friends back in Texas about La Moskitia and here is a video of the results.
They picked my English class of street boys to receive all the fruit that they had provided. This was the first time that these kids had ever had fruit at their program and they were so excited!

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  1. Morgan!!!! I don't recognize that description of Mrs. Waits at all!!! Mr. Waits, yes!

    We love you. And Gracie Grace. I believe that God ordained our living arrangements - for many reasons. And who knows what He has planned for us all to work on together in the future. It is exciting to imagine.

    Wish you were going with us to Copan!
    Hugs and love,