Saturday, September 3, 2011

Puerto Lempira does not have internet. So how am I writing now?


If you have been here you are now saying wait a minute that is “interior Honduras” ( a two hour plane ride away from La Moskitia) Yep, that is the La Ceiba we are in.

Let me back track and explain a little.

Susanna (my best friend in La Moskitia that I have talked about on several occasions) she came over on Tuesday morning I noticed it was before her lunch break and ask her what she was doing. She told me “they (her school) are making me come home for health reasons. My first response was NO, NO, NO. I told her I would do whatever I could to try and convince them to let her stay. First I called my landlord who is a doctor and begged him to call the school and tell them that he would treat her and watch her health. Eventually Susanna looked at me and said at this point they are not going to change their mind all we can just try to do is convince them to let me come back .At this point I broke I cried in front of my landlord, my neighbor, and then a little while later  I bonded with a sweet Miskito friend and we cried together in the street with everyone watching them busted out laughing after we realize how ridiculous we looked.

I was prepared for her to leave in three months not in a matter of days.

Susanna and I had been planning a vacation when she left in December.  We would go with her and vacation and then Grace and I would continue to travel around Honduras for my birthday, Christmas, and Grace’s birthday. So impromptu mini vacation we planned.  I don’t even have a passport because it is with the lawyer in the city working on my residency. So two days  a few phone calls to the lawyer, a day at the judges office and then immigration and Grace and I had all our documents to travel.

Yesterday we boarded the plane to La Ceiba. Here is the cool part. On our flight were SEVEN chidren going out for surgery… HARE LIP AND CLEFT PALATE SURGERY. All of these children will need some sort of speech therapy after surgery. Oh, and that is what my degree is in. I only have the undergrad degree so I am not full certified to do any therapy but something is better than nothing. I will be able to research a little and mainly teach the mothers things to do at home with their children once they are back in their villages.

So this week brings a mini vacation this weekend with Susanna. Then a full week of time to relax and spend time with Grace doing things that we do not have the chance to do at home ( like swim, go to a water park, go hiking, and go to parks). This is also a week to step back and process the last three and half months in La Moskitia and pray about the future. In a week we will return with the seven children who are receiving surgery this week!

So what have I been learning already in the past day?


I am so excited over these ordinary things that I would have probably never thought twice about in the states.

Grace has been able to go swimming in a pool for the first time in her life. We went to a  REAL grocery store. We had coffee! We are in a hotel with air conditioning and hot showers. We went to the mall and had ice cream.

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